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This X sponsorship, unrivalled in terms of competitiveness, paves the way for exceptional communication, propelling you to the top of your sector.


2€/1000 views

Why such low prices?

The reason I offer low prices for my tweeting services is simple: I want to build strong partnerships with AI companies. By offering competitive rates, I hope to encourage companies to consider longer-term collaborations.

My aim is to become your trusted partner in promoting your AI business. I firmly believe in the power of tweets to generate engagement, increase visibility and strengthen your online presence. By offering affordable rates, I want to give you the opportunity to explore different facets of your AI business through a series of engaging tweets.

By opting for ongoing collaboration, we can create a bespoke content strategy that reflects the evolution of your AI business, while keeping costs reasonable. Together, we can reach new heights in promoting your AI innovation, and I look forward to discussing how we can shape your continued success together.

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Accumulating millions of views per month

In a thread, the text section is designed to pique readers' interest by highlighting the potential transformations that our AI can bring to their lives. The fundamental question that this structure answers is: how can our AI really have a positive influence on people's lives? The more significant the changes it can generate in people's daily lives, the more power the thread will have to arouse their curiosity and generate commitment. This is precisely the objective we are seeking to achieve in the creation of our publication.

By clicking on the thread, users will have access to a detailed overview of our AI, as well as a highlight of its most impressive features, often presented in the form of key points. This presentation aims to capture their attention from the outset by highlighting what makes your AI exceptional and describing how it can revolutionise their experience and everyday life. Links to both your site and your X account can be included.

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Objective: to attract attention


Looking for a cost-effective way to promote your IA business to the Portuguese and Brazilian community? Look no further! With our tweet service costing just €2 per 1,000 views, we offer you exceptional visibility at a competitive price. Every tweet we create for you is designed to captivate your target audience, generate engagement and showcase your AI expertise. Don't let this opportunity pass you by: boost your online presence and make your AI business shine with our affordable and effective tweet service.

Build the success of your AI business with a THREAD.

As an influencer specialising in artificial intelligence, I turn every tweet into a valuable opportunity to showcase your AI innovation. With a deep commitment to the Portuguese and Brazilian community, I create captivating content that tells your story, attracts the attention of your peers and piques the interest of investors. THREAD is not just a content management service, it's a partnership to propel your IA business to greater awareness and exponential growth, and my prices are unbeatable.

Contact me today to find out how THREAD can shape the success of your online AI business.

Regarding payment for services, we currently use methods other than bank payments. I will send you a link to an item to purchase on a website (for example, a sweatshirt from Zara). It goes without saying that this purchase will be included in the budget for the service provided.